Thinking of the future in Honduras

It’s eleven am on a monday at a local bus station in a small pueblo in Honduras. The station is crowed with people, the noise is overpowering. But we sit, unaffected. It seems just another bus station in another town, another sardine can, salsa booming bus ride awaits. We are calm in our reflections as we sit in anticipation.

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A letter to my 18-year-old self

I recently read of this idea to write to your younger self. It seemed a bit silly but turns out is quite an interesting way of thinking about your past and appreciating what you’ve learnt. So…here goes:
Dear young Eleisha,
Here is some advice I have for you, you cheeky little ratbag.

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Travel hell- when it all goes wrong


Sometimes travelling can be downright difficult. There have been a lot of long and torturous journeys that I have unwittingly signed up for as a poor and somewhat spontaneous backpacker trying to save money. Here are the top three worst journeys that come to mind when I think of travel hell. They are the most memorable ones and those that I’m sure will repeat in my nightmares for a long time to come.

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Look, I know this sounds a bit dramatic but I really do believe lonely planeteers have a lot to answer for. It is not the book itself that I actually hate, it is its constant misuse as a complete gospel for world travel that really pisses me off.
Lonely planet guides can be a great source of background information, getting your bearings on a place or finding out the basics. But why oh why do so many travellers use this as their total and complete inspiration and manual for world travel?

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The Internet…Is it helping or hindering our travel experiences?

As I was laying in my swinging hammock last week (just another day of hard work in my Nicaraguan hostel job) I looked out into our garden. It was filled with a mix of travellers from across the globe everywhere from Algeria to Argentina. We had all found ourselves at this particular place in the world at this particular point in time. And yet every one of us, including me, were attached to some kind of personal device eagerly accessing the internet.
Is it because we have this insatiable need to connect and compare to the detriment of our ability to enjoy the present moment? Or is it that we are utilising this amazing resource to investigate and learn about the world around us and its possibilities?

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How To Eat Guinea Pig in Colombia




Earlier this year I found myself not far from the Colombian border town of Ipiales at what I was told by my Colombian hosts was the ‘cuy’ (guinea pig) mecca. Although Colombia is not famous for cooking this fluffy rodent there is a large number of cuy specialist in this southermost area. I had actually eaten cuy once before at a fancy restaurant in Peru. It was cut into delicate pieces and was no more confronting then any other dining experience. This was an entirely different exercise. I was tentative on entering the small family run restaurant especially considering the whole guinea pigs roasting out, front claws and all. Well, I was in for an experience to say the least. Here is some advice if you find yourself in the same situation.

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