Maybe travel blogging is like drinking beer…?

I have been putting off my entry into the travel blogging world for quite a while (seven months to be exact) mostly because I’m not sure exactly what my voice could bring to the chorus of travel bloggery out there. But, as I sat at yet another backpacker bar in Nicaragua last night having another backpacker conversation I realised that the voices, the topics and the level of interest for each individual conversationalist is much like the blogs themselves.
Let me explain further. There are the “textbook tourists”, they will be the first ones at the bar to whip out their lonely planet or wikipedia facts and give you the checklist of all the things they have done. They won’t have gained much but hey they can go home and say they did it all.
Then you have the self obsessed travelers who will tell you in great detail each and every part of their trip without ever noticing the glazed look in your eye after half an hour of “and then we went back to the hostel…and then Gerald was hungry so we deceided to get something to eat”.
And then, once in a while, there are those spectaclar storytellers who weave a bit of magic when they describe the people the places and the feelings of their adventures. You want to go to that place, to taste that food, meet that guy, see that sunset.
And somewhere amongst all these conversations no matter how many times you have them you find that golden nugget of information. A website, a friend of a friend of a friend who you can stay with, some great live music, where the best empanadas in town are. Information you want to use and you want to share.
Well I hope that my blog can maybe be a little bit like a great conversation over a cold beer at a backpacker bar.
If not it really doesn’t matter because my mum will read it anyway.



13 thoughts on “Maybe travel blogging is like drinking beer…?

  1. Awesome El.. can’t wait to see the entries!!

  2. Your mum won’t waste her time!

  3. I think you are a travel writer my beautiful daughter. And with writing like that you keep me in a great nursing home.

  4. Nice writing, looking forward to reading more!

  5. Love it keep them coming!!!

  6. Awesome babe!!! Miss you heaps! Xxx

  7. good stuff ele..miss u take care

  8. Thanks everyone (except kate) ! I appreciate the support, stay tuned much more bloggery to come ! πŸ™‚

  9. Add Auntie to the list. I have listened and read everything along the way, even the school reports you tried to hide. XX

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