7 of the best: Free apps for travelling

Excluding the obvious ones like Facebook and Skype here are my top 7 apps that have been really useful and practical for me while travelling.

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Why do we travel?


After a conversation with a fellow backpacker a few weeks back and some particularly tough days I started to think; Why is it that we travel? We leave everything familiar behind. We trade in the wine dinners for rice and beans, the high heels for flip flops, the doonas for dorms and…for what? Well here are my rambling thoughts on the gains of travel that could explain our motivations for this crazy way of life.

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Finding calm in the chaos; Maybe meditation is not just for hippies…?


Recently I met an amazing guy. He is the best audience I have ever found. I felt like a comedian when I spoke to him he laughed so loudly at my jokes. I told him I wanted to record his laugh and sell it to a TV station, it was just that good. But (sadly for my ego) he laughs at everyone’s jokes, in fact, he smiles at life.

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