Finding calm in the chaos; Maybe meditation is not just for hippies…?


Recently I met an amazing guy. He is the best audience I have ever found. I felt like a comedian when I spoke to him he laughed so loudly at my jokes. I told him I wanted to record his laugh and sell it to a TV station, it was just that good. But (sadly for my ego) he laughs at everyone’s jokes, in fact, he smiles at life.

This guy is so unbelievably positive, he is literally always smiling. He puts out such positive vibes people are constantly drawn to him.

What is this guys deal? I asked myself the first time I met him. Is it for real to be so happy all the time? Well turns out it is for real and his secret to happiness is mediation.

After spending some time together I learnt that one major way that he stays positive on a day-to-day basis is through the lessons learnt and constant practice of meditation. And he is not the only one either that has passionately described the benefits of this ‘quieting of the mind’. In pausing to stop the endless baracade of thoughts rushing through our minds maybe we really can reach a higher place, or at least a functionally happier one.

I think these hippies may really be onto something.

You can start pretty basic; sitting very still and concentrating on your breath or repeating mantras. Seems pretty easy except for the part about not letting your mind wander, like me, and thinking about bacon. My aim of five minutes per day are proving to be hard to find with the backpacker/ dorm lifestyle. It’s always busy, constantly changing and with virtually no time completely alone. But maybe that’s all the more reason to seek this quiet time.

One day I hope to do the epic ten-day Vinpassa mediation program. It’s intense and apparently it changed my new friends life to be the positive man he is today. The meaning of Vinpassa is to see things how they really are…I for one am intrigued but I don’t think yet ready.

Until then I will satisfy my inner hippie with an attempt at a few minutes a day to try to find some calm amongst this beautiful chaos.


Any thoughts or ideas? Please join the conversation and comment below!

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