Why do we travel?


After a conversation with a fellow backpacker a few weeks back and some particularly tough days I started to think; Why is it that we travel? We leave everything familiar behind. We trade in the wine dinners for rice and beans, the high heels for flip flops, the doonas for dorms and…for what? Well here are my rambling thoughts on the gains of travel that could explain our motivations for this crazy way of life.

Traveling can do so many things. It can teach you about the world. It can show you the good and the bad, the power of compassion and the destruction of greed.

Travel sweeps us away to other worlds to the sounds, smells and tastes, to different people with different lives that we may walk a day in their shoes.

It can change your perspective completely. The way you look at the people you meet, the people you know, the lives we live and, most profoundly the way you look at yourself.
Traveling alone without friends, family or partners can strip you back to the core of who you are without the safe perimeters of the people you define yourself by.

It can teach you and change you and mould you if you let it.
If you stay away from the known and dive head first into the abyss that is the unknown with eyes wide open and ears ready to hear.

If you take time alone, if you reflect and if you take risks you will experience unforgettable things and learn to appreciate the potential in every moment.

There are no mistakes in travel, it doesn’t judge. It is all a trip, a sweet journey that’s all your own. Whether good or bad, there is always a lesson if you take the time to see it and therefore there is never anything to regret.

If you are thinking of traveling, do it now but do it wholeheartedly whether for a week or a year travel to learn, to grow, to relax, or to just be.

Ultimately travel teaches us that every moment of the journey can be extraordinary and that arrival at a destination matters little, if not at all.



4 thoughts on “Why do we travel?

  1. Great article ! 🙂

  2. el gran pitufino

    “can strip you back to the core of who you are without the safe perimeters of the people you define yourself by.” ….too true Leish! It’s good reading your blog, I can hear your voice and it feels like having a conversation with you, like when we were having a beer in Greensy….miss u, what a pity we cannot catch up in Argentina, damn it!

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