Volcanos and Vistas; Magical Ometepe Island


I arrived at Isla Ometepe with high hopes, mosquito bites and my bag clutched tight to my chest after a very close call with a passport thief on the boat ride over.

I started to lug my heavy backpack up the steep street while considering to myself whether or not this place would live up to my expectations after countless backpacker recommendations.

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The bucket list – a waste of time?

The original title for this post was just “The bucket list”. I was going to start the post with a list of some of the coolest (ok, let’s be honest, the most impressive sounding) stuff that I’ve done in my life. Then I was going to write a list of the things I want to do before I kick the said bucket.

But I realised something…everything on list 1 was completely unplanned. Everything.

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Celebrating Graveside: The Day of the Dead, Guatemala

I sat on the brightly painted gravestone contentedly munching on my sweet and salty snacks attempting to take in the overwhelming jumble of activity around me. The cemetery was overflowing with people from all walks of life. To my left was a family joyfully sharing food on bright green and orange grave, to my right a jovial-looking vendor offering shiny wooden jewelry atop his carefully selected and decorated grave. As I sat contemplating the amazingly celebratory atmosphere of the cemetery I saw a brilliantly decorated kite soar down towards my head. I ducked down laughing along with my fellow spectators thoroughly enjoying the action of the day.

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Street food, the love story continues; Nicaragua

As I walked through the dark and deserted marketplace the smell of filth and urine was suddenly overtaken by something far more wonderful. I could hear the crackle of fresh pork being placed on a hot grill and the wafting smell of barbequed cheese. I could almost taste the tantilising deep fried potato goodness on my tongue.

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