The bucket list – a waste of time?

The original title for this post was just “The bucket list”. I was going to start the post with a list of some of the coolest (ok, let’s be honest, the most impressive sounding) stuff that I’ve done in my life. Then I was going to write a list of the things I want to do before I kick the said bucket.

But I realised something…everything on list 1 was completely unplanned. Everything.

Sure maybe I planned to go to the Peruvian Amazon but I never planned to see a wild cat or try a frog poison psychedelic. I booked my flight to New Zealand but I went river surfing on white water rapids because my friend won a free ticket in a pub competition. The decision to go skydiving was made late one morning after a five minute chat with my equally spontaneous friend. Running with the bulls in Spain was the result of bravado and a drunken bet. I just happened to be standing on a hill in Ecuador overlooking Volcano Tungurahua as it erupted sending ash to float down on us miles away.

So is there any point in planning what things you want to do before you die? What moments or actions will make you life a completed one? Maybe it’s all about taking some risks and being open to whatever opportunities arise along the way. Because, after all, you never know what your really capable of until your right there in the moment. You never know what the memories and moments are that will add colour and texture to the picture of your life when your one day looking back. And maybe too expectation is a killer of spontaneity and enjoyment. When you picture something in your minds eye a million times can the actual ever really equal the dream?

Or…then again…maybe it is crucial to write it all down. To mentally plan in order to push yourself and be clear of what you want, then you can have that sense of achievement as you tick each item off.
I’m undecided but here is my “bucket list” anyway. Needless to say this is a work in progress, I’m pretty sure tomorrow I will have another twenty more ideas.

– Go on a safari in Africa
– Drive across Australia, see Uluru
– Try Ayahuasca
– Learn to meditate and do yoga in India
– Learn to scuba dive in Thailand
– Live completely off the grid for a while
– Learn french
– See a mexican wrestling match
– Visit my friend in Black Forest, Germany
– See the land in Italy where my grandparents were born and lived

I wonder if one day I will do all these things. And if I do, will they reach my expectations? Or maybe I will do a whole list of other crazy unexpected things and never get to tick one thing off. And actually, now I think about it, that will be just fine by me.


6 thoughts on “The bucket list – a waste of time?

  1. Another great post Eley… I might do the last one with you, coz that’s on my bucket list too.

  2. El pitufo argento

    Black Forest, yeah hahaha that would be the most dangerous one hahaha
    Te espero allá querida amiga del alma 🙂
    muy buen post por cierto!

  3. Love this. Tungurahua was for sure one of the top things I never knew I had to experience until it was over! Let me know before you hit up that Mexican wrestling match – I’ll meet you down there and tag along 🙂

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