How to be a tourist not a traveller

So, you’re off on a trip, whether for a short time or a long time you’re going to a place far from home. What will you gain from this? Hopefully nothing because you, luckily, are a tourist, not a traveller. Here is a step-by-step guide to ensure that you don’t cross that dangerously fine line between ignorant tourist and informed and inspired traveller.

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6 Colombian Sights Most Tourists Miss

It is fair to say that Colombia stole my heart. It surprised me and exceeded my expectations in a way that very few places can. The people inspired me, the vistas captivated me and the diversity of the country astounded me.

Here are the top 6 places that I find myself raving on about to just about anyone who will listen. Well off the beaten track you won’t find any guidebook touting tourists here. But what you might find, if your lucky, is a little bit of Colombian magic.

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6 of the best: Mind-blowing experiences in Central America

Central America has truly amazed me. I think a big part of my enjoyment of these countries has been the fact that I came with no preconceived ideas or expectations. It has taken me a long time to cut back this list down to 6. There have been so many things that have astounded me about this beautiful part of the world over the past few months. Anyway, enough of the build up, here they are, the top six mind-blowing and awe-inspiring experiences that I stumbled upon in Central America: Continue Reading

Here’s why you don’t need a lot of money to travel

Ok sure you need a little bit. For my fellow aussies the flights alone are a huge expense but once you save a bit of cash, really long term travel is very achievable for just about anyone. At the moment I am living in Playa Del Carmen Mexico for less than $5 a day. Many people that I meet say that one of the things that held them back from travelling was the misconception that it will cost a fortune. It doesn’t have to.

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