Long term living in hostels and why I hate everyone

I can now wistfully remember the days that meeting a new group of international friends was wildly exciting and so very exotic. Sadly I have now come to the finite end of my ability to permanently live in hostels.

The clever guys at OverYonderlust blogged about how travel friendships are somewhat like one night stands and I could not agree more. I literally cannot remember the names of some of the wonderful one night friends that I made. Randomly I read facebook posts in languages I cannot even identify let alone understand and I think to myself; who the hell is that? When a new group of eager travellers arrive at the
hostel I work at I really want to connect with them. Sincerely I do. I want to hear their stories and learn about their lives. But, sadly, I find myself all too often rolling my eyes or yawning. If I’m to be totally honest about it there are times that I think to myself I would rather stay in bed and watch Game of Thrones.
These days I really miss the people that know all my stories. When I don’t have to explain my strange slang or that I dont like bananas. The people that know I get grumpy when I’m hungry and secretly I sometimes watch Dr.Phil.

Of course there are the spectacular exceptions to the “I hate everyone” premise. The people that I have met that have taught me something profound through their actions or words. Then too there are those easy friendships that formed because of a shared sense of humour (and often a mutual hate for everyone else!). The friends that I actually will go and visit in their home countries one day, or those that I would happily host in mine with open arms.

There are the friendships that may just last the test of time. 
And then of course there is love, sometimes the people you meet along the way change you in a way you never thought possible and in that something beautiful grows.

But, generally speaking, I hate you all. You bastards that leave the dorm room light on. The idiots that snore, burp and fart far too close to my sleeping apparatus. The toilets that won’t flush, the lack of shower curtains. Always losing my food in the fridge and the never ending “where are you from?” conversations.
Go away.
I want to watch Game of Thrones in peace.
Rant over.


9 thoughts on “Long term living in hostels and why I hate everyone

  1. Well I think it’s time for you to come home…. hurry up!!!!

  2. And in the meantime let’s try some five star experiences and cocktails………….

  3. I don’t think I ever had that ability! Just to let you know, I nominated you and your lovely blog for the Liebster Award! Check out my latest post to find out a little but more! Laura.

  4. I couldn’t stand more than 5 nights in a hostal! You have been very patient! Good for you! enjoy your last days, hug your mum on my behalf and see you soon in Germany…or maybe in Argentina?!??!
    Hugs from your good ol’ friend El gran pitufo

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