Home sweet home

Well here I am dear readers sitting in cloudy Melbourne and thinking where to possibly begin. It has been a month since I have last entered the blogosphere and what an amazing month it was. From Miami to Cuba and the Caribbean gems between my head is brimming with stories from the road and memories of a beautiful time passed. It is a daunting task for any would be writer to put down on paper (or screen as it were) the muddled mix of feelings that coming home seems to bring. As I sat on a crowded Qantas flight, the sixth and final leg of a lengthy journey home, I was drawn, naturally, to reminisce.

I don’t know where to begin when I think back on the year that was. The soaring highs and painful lows, the challenges accomplished, people met and love shared. I won’t bore you with my feelings of the gains of travel, my opinion on that you know.

What I will say is this: wherever the road takes us, there is nothing quite like home. And when the adventures are done and the bag dropped on that familiar floor you finally realise that whatever is gained or lost along the way changes nothing in the feelings we keep about the people we love. Just as surely as travel teaches us and opens up new worlds, home reminds us of who we are, where we came from, and where we will always belong.


One thought on “Home sweet home

  1. underdogdesign85

    Yaaaay!! I know chooks are hard to catch but this is ridiculous!!

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