My Writing Featured Elsewhere

Thinking of the future in Honduras
Rootpress 06/01/2014

Isla Ometepe- Unforgettable moments in Nicaragua
Thinking Nomads 06/01/2014

How to survive long haul bus trips
World Travel Buzz 23/12/2013

Ometepe, l isola dei momenti indimenticabili nel lago Nicaragua (Italian)
Non Solo Turisti 18/12/2013

L’arte dello street food in Nicaragua (Italian)
Non Solo Turisti 12/12/2013

Sunsets, Stars and Sweat; A trip to the Colombian Desert
My Destination 29/11/2013

Around the world on a tiny budget
World Travel Buzz 28/10/2013

The (second) time I was chased by a bull
World Travel Buzz 10/10/2013


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