Home sweet home

Well here I am dear readers sitting in cloudy Melbourne and thinking where to possibly begin. It has been a month since I have last entered the blogosphere and what an amazing month it was. From Miami to Cuba and the Caribbean gems between my head is brimming with stories from the road and memories of a beautiful time passed. It is a daunting task for any would be writer to put down on paper (or screen as it were) the muddled mix of feelings that coming home seems to bring. As I sat on a crowded Qantas flight, the sixth and final leg of a lengthy journey home, I was drawn, naturally, to reminisce.

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Help a poor backpacker!

Check out my colombia article on http://www.wafaring.me they pay us poor travel writers per view so I might actually make enough for a beer outta this one!!

Oakland art and big beats, an unexpected Friday in California

The voluptuous woman entered the centre of the circle and began gyrating to the complex beats of the music. Large glistening bubbles floated down from some unknown source close by. We wandered further along the street as a bedraggled band blasted the sounds of their “I love Ganga” rendition. A trumpet bellowing street band started to weave its way down the street. Within moments the two vastly different music groups picked up the beats of one another. The song became one brass band and electric guitar rhythm to the delight and wonderment of the crowd.

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How to be a tourist not a traveller

So, you’re off on a trip, whether for a short time or a long time you’re going to a place far from home. What will you gain from this? Hopefully nothing because you, luckily, are a tourist, not a traveller. Here is a step-by-step guide to ensure that you don’t cross that dangerously fine line between ignorant tourist and informed and inspired traveller.

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6 Colombian Sights Most Tourists Miss

It is fair to say that Colombia stole my heart. It surprised me and exceeded my expectations in a way that very few places can. The people inspired me, the vistas captivated me and the diversity of the country astounded me.

Here are the top 6 places that I find myself raving on about to just about anyone who will listen. Well off the beaten track you won’t find any guidebook touting tourists here. But what you might find, if your lucky, is a little bit of Colombian magic.

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